Day courses are open to those who are unemployed. Evening Courses are open to the general public with applications from both fee paying and unemployed clients welcome.

Fees apply only to those wishing to attendance Evening Courses, however, those in receipt of welfare payment are generally free. You should discuss your eligibility in advance of application with your local Department of Social Protection office, or the Training Centre.

Persons with an established DSP entitlement who are attending a full time day course will be entitled to a training allowance which is payable on a week in arrears basis. A travel allowance, as a contribution towards travel costs, may be payable where the learner lives five kilometres or more from the training location.

There is no entitlement to either training or travel allowance in relation to Evening courses.

In the case of unemployed persons seeking to register for a Day or Evening course, the applicant should contact the Recruitment Office in the Training Centre, or their local Department of Social Protection office.

Applicants not already registered with the Department of Social Protection will be required to complete a registration form.

Selection criteria may apply in the case of courses where content is of a complex and specialised nature. The Recruitment Office will advise in this regard.

In general all day courses start at 8.30am and finish at 3.45pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 12.45pm Friday.

Evening course start times vary but will generally run for 3 hours on one or two evening per week. Please view the individual evening course you are interested in for the actual hours and days.

There are no holiday periods with the exception of Christmas and Bank/Public holidays.

The majority of courses offer City & Guilds or Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) certification with others offering industry recognised certification. Certificates are issued to learners following completion of a process of External Authentication which process can take up to five months to conclude.